Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the country’s economy was having difficult times in 1991

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said the country’s economy was facing difficult times in 1991. The former Prime Minister and renowned economist said Friday that the 1991 historic budget was 30 years complete, keeping track of the situation caused by the corona epidemic. A nation-like situation. India needs to redefine its priorities.

Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister in the Narasimha Rao-led 1991 government and presented his first budget on July 24, 1991. This budget is considered the foundation of the country’s economic liberalization. In the 30 years since that budget was presented, “30 years ago, in 1991, Congress launched significant reforms in India’s economy and paved the way for the country’s economic policy. Over the past three decades various governments have followed this path and the country’s economy has become three thousand billion dollars and is one of the world’s largest economies.” There is one.

Singh said in a statement, “The most important thing is that around 30 crore Indian citizens have been driven out of poverty and over a billion new jobs have been created. As the process of reforms continued, the emergence of many world-class companies in India resulted in the emergence of free enterprise and India became a global power in many areas. “The beginning of economic liberalization in 1991 was due to the economic crisis that engulfed our country, but it was not limited to crisis management.

He said, “I have played with many colleagues in Congress in this reform process. I am very happy and proud that our country has made tremendous economic progress in the last three decades. But I am saddened by the devastation caused by Kovid and the loss of millions of jobs. There are so many lives and lives lost, that shouldn’t happen. ”He emphasized,“ This is not a time for bliss and mirth, but a time for introspection and reflection. The road ahead is more challenging than the 1991 crisis. We need to redefine our priorities as a nation to ensure a healthy and dignified life for every Indian.

Former Prime Minister, “In 1991, as Finance Minister, I quoted Victor Hugo (French poet), saying, ‘No power on earth can stop the idea of ​​whose time has come. Remember, we need to rest after fulfilling our promises and traveling for miles.

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