Free tutoring in UP: easy-going JEE and NEET exams

Free training in UP for UPSC, UPPSC, NEET and JEE: Someone is a farmer’s son and someone is a driver. Father’s shadow rose from someone’s head. However the house costs are going up with the help of Tau and brother. It is not possible to spend millions of rupees on coaching to prepare competitive exams like JEE and NEET in this Mufili. But the lack of money will not get in the way. It is easy to clear the exam with the guidance of experienced teachers. The children who came to take a class at the college of engineering had said these things about the inauguration of the chief minister’s Abhudaya coaching project. Expressions of happiness were visible in his face.

On the first day, the motivation class was attended by children preparing for the exam from tenth to 12th grade or later. The class lasted two sessions. This includes Nagesh Dwivedi, a physics teacher at Janata Inter College, a physics teacher at the Boys’ Aglo Bengali Inter College and a physics teacher at Amardoula Islamia Inter College. Siaz Ashraf taught the children many techniques. KK Tripathi said the children from several districts participated in the session. There is a children’s online test for this. Only the children who passed it were included. About 600 children are enrolled.

First Day Response of Students Joining Prosperity Coaching –

I was studying in class 11 at Jubilee Inter College. I am also preparing for JEE. This class started by the government helps a lot. – Ayush Kumar Yadav, Chowk

He stayed in the village and graduated. Due to lack of good facilities there, I have been staying in Lucknow for over a year and preparing for NEET. Now I can ask any question directly to the teacher. – Sachin Prajapati, Deoria

The father was a farmer. After the inter, I am preparing myself for NEET. Not much money to do coaching. Education was done through YouTube and other media. But now it will be easier to prepare for prosperity coaching. -Pratima Singh, Ray Bareilly

The father is a DCM driver. There is not much money to be paid for coaching and preparing for it. I am now studying in 10th grade. Must prepare for JEE. Guidance is enhanced by the guidance of skilled teachers. – Shriyansh Tripathi, Budeshwar

Father has a small shop. Kanshi lives in Ram Colony. Somehow the father finished the BBA. JEE had a desire to attend the exam from scratch. Preparations could not be made because of the richness. – Himani Sonkar, Chinhat

The father is dead. Brother driving home. Having passed the interval. But there was no coaching money for more preparation. The way has been opened by government training.— Hrithik Verma, Indiranagar

IIT must be prepared. After Inter I am preparing myself. Couldn’t get better guidance. But now the way is easy. Anchal Chauhan, Faizullaganj

Dad is dead. Tau is raised. After Inter I am preparing myself for NEET. But the preparation is not going well. The teachers gave many suggestions on the first day.— Shweta, Triveni Nagar

Website But as of Sunday, 4.8 lakh candidates had registered. At the same time, about 50 thousand candidates have been selected for offline coaching in the first phase of the examination. Free training for these candidates commenced on 16 February 2021 (Basant Panchami).