Gattimela 19th October 2020 Spoiler Alert

Gatimela 19 October 2020 Episode written update series by Episode Kannada. Gatimela 19 October 2020 (19/10/2020) Read the written updates with the first

Summary Main story: Amulya arranges a surprise for Vedanta

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Current Startup Update: 19 October 2020: (19/10/2020)

Read the full written updates of the issue: Gatimela 19 October 2020 Written Update Begins We see in the last episode that Amulya and Vedant discuss the past, in which they reveal that they have constantly assured him.

He is additionally merciful and risked his life for his own sake. While discussing the same, he criticizes Amulya when she pushes Rowdy away and hits her in the head as she tries to secure him.

They talk about how they neglected to perceive and receive the signals that life throws at them to sort out that they are constantly suggested together.

Now, we can see in the next installment the stunning of the Valuable Vedantic. She calls him to ask for his whereabouts and instructs him to go to the workplace as soon as time allows.

To this, Vedant says he is franticly enthralled, which is why he is not rested enough, as he is constantly desperate for a young woman. Amulya suggests him to go to the workplace because he is unexpectedly ready.