Gattimela 23-11-2020 Written Update: Dhruva’s actions make Adithi emotional

Gattimela 23-11-2020 Written Update: Dhruva’s actions make Adithi emotional

In Previous episode Of Gattimela , When Amulya is stunned Vedant kisses her. Sarthak confronts Amulya about his fight with Aarti and Vikrant. The next day, Amulya arrives at Vedanta’s house to meet Adya and finds a solution to reunite Aarti and Vikrant.

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In Next installment Of Hardmela, Sarthak, Adya and Amulya think of ways to reunite Aarti and Vikrant. Anna says she knows the reason behind Arati-Vikrant’s fight but she cannot reveal it to anyone. Amulya and others plan to meet Vikrant and Aarti in private to solve their problems. Elsewhere, when Aditi thinks about selling her jewelry To pay off her debt, her consciousness would not let her do so.

Suhasini questions Vedant as she waits outside the priority room. Furthermore, his behavior makes her suspicious. Elsewhere Aditi tells Manjunatha about her actions. Manjunath comes with Aditi to pay off his debts. Furthermore, they are shocked when they learn that Aditi’s debt has been paid off. Elsewhere, Suhasini is shocked to see Amulya and Vedant together.

Aarti is surprised when she talks about Amulya Vihar. Meanwhile, Aditi gets upset when she learns that Dhruv has paid off his debt. She expresses her gratitude and asks Dhruva how she came up with the money to pay off the debt. Dhruv reveals that he sold the bracelet given by Vedant. Later, Aditi wonders if Dhruv too loves her.