Geo: Is the Internet over? You get 1 GB of data like this without paying

Reliance Jio has recently launched a special service for its customers. The name of this service is Emergency Data Loan. Under this facility, customers have lost the internet and they are not in a position to recharge, then they are given 1GB of data. What’s special is that you don’t have to pay for this data right away.

In fact, under Geo’s Emergency Data Loan Service, the Recharge Now and Then Pay (Recharge Now, Pay Money Later) facility is provided. GeoEmergency Data Loan Facility is available for prepaid customers. Users can take this loan a maximum of 5 times. Each time customers are given 1GB of data, it costs Rs 11 per GB. So let us know how you can get this data.

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Geo users get 1 GB of emergency data like this
Open the MyGio app on your smartphone and go to the menu on the top left.
Select ‘Emergency Data Loan’ under Mobile Service and click Procedure.
>> Select the ‘Get emergency data’ option.
Click Enable Now to get an emergency data loan.
This way you get 1 GB of data.

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One thing to note is that an emergency data loan can only be taken when your current data limit is exhausted. After recharging the main balance in My Geo app or in their number, customers will be charged Rs. The validity of the data available in this depends on your original plan.

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