Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 November 2020 Written Update : Sai questions Virat

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 November 2020 Written Update : Sai questions Virat

Kamal was near Lake Sai to spill his bones into the river. Sai was crying and very sad. Usha and Sai were sitting there looking at the lake. Milind came there and told him that he agreed to marry Virat Sai, but Usha Sai refused to marry him; Suddenly, Sai came and asked what they were talking about. Sai realizes he is talking about his marriage and shouts at him for having such a discussion here.

All told Sai that Virat would take care of her and help her fulfill her dream. After Kamal we have to leave the government house, ”said Usha. Sai cried and told her that she would be with Usha, but that she could not be with Jar for as long as she needed any partner. Sai shouted that she would not marry Virat and went from there.

Virat Samrat called the authorities to check on the matter, and suddenly Sai came there and told her he did not want to marry her. Virat sat down and told me that this decision is not only from him but that everyone wants me to look after her.

Virat everyone wants to see you happy, so they decided. Ser requested Virat to reject the marriage proposal. Sai said she would help him run from here and he would handle them all. Virat told me that I decided to marry you. And that said, I can’t answer every single one of your questions. Sai says that if Kamal is there today, no one can force her into marriage. Virat sometimes says we have to adapt to the situation.

Virat says it is her responsibility to look after her as Kamal Sir promised her. Sai joined her hand and refused to marry again and requested to go to Nagpur as nobody could say anything. Virat says he wants to marry her. Saying what Sakhi feels about Pakhi. Virat remembered his words to Pakhi, but Virat says he only does his duty.

Usha calls Virat and Sai goes missing, but Virat tells her that Sai is with her and takes her there. On his return, Sai asked Virat what Paki should answer, but Virat changed the subject.

It is important that Virat fulfills his responsibility, but he has never been like her husband and told him not to expect anything. Going after her studies, Virat says there are no boundaries. Sai said even now it is not too late to break one relationship into another. Virat parked his car and looked at Sai.