Gold prospects will increase, silver and crude oil will fall

Due to strong spot demand, spec hophoes have bought new deals today, rising to Rs 46,770 per 10 grams on the local futures market on Friday. Silver, on the other hand, fell from Rs 55 to Rs 68,582 per kg. However, crude oil prices fell by Rs 25 to Rs 4,792 per barrel.

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On the Multi Commodity Exchange, gold rose 44 grams, or 0.09 per cent, to Rs 46,770 per 10 grams in June. It traded for 10,702 lots. According to analysts, gold prices are rising as traders buy new businesses. Globally, gold in New York rose 0.24 per cent to $ 1,772.50.

Silver futures drop in prices

Silver traded at Rs 68,582, down from Rs 55 on Friday in futures trading. On the Multi Commodity Exchange, the silver June futures contract is priced at Rs 55. Or down 0.08 per cent to Rs 68,582 per kg. The futures contract traded for 8,513 lots. Globally, silver fell 0.26 percent in New York to $ 26.05 per ounce.

The future of crude oil will also fall

Crude oil fell to Rs 4,792 per barrel on Friday. On the Multi Commodity Exchange, Kuchell’s May delivery deal is priced at Rs 25. Or 0.52 per cent, down to Rs 4,792 per barrel, with a trading volume of 7,234 lots.

Market analysts say crude oil prices have fallen in the future. However, globally, New York’s West Texas Intermediate crude price rose 0.65 percent per barrel to .564.59. At the same time, Brent crude, which is considered to be the global standard, fell 0.51 per cent. Reached 68.21.

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