Good news for senior citizens, the deadline for opening a special FD scheme has been extended

SBI vs Bob vs HDFC: The State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank (HDFC) and Bank of Baroda (BOB) have extended the Special Fixed Deposit Scheme (Special FD Scheme) deadline till September 30, 2021, to provide greater relief to senior citizens. Due to the corona epidemic, all these banks launched a special fixed deposit scheme last year. Tell us how much benefit is being paid for the project –

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SBI Special FD Scheme for Senior Citizens

The name of this special FD of State Bank of India (SBI) is SBI WeCare. Under SBI’s scheme, senior citizens are earning a higher interest rate of up to 80 basis points. At the same time, SBI is offering 6.20% interest rate to senior citizens. New interest rates will apply from 8 January 2021.

HDFC Bank Special FD Scheme

According to data posted on HDFC Bank’s website, FDs of less than Rs 5 crore will pay an extra premium of 0.25% per day for 5 years to 10 years. New rates apply until 20 September 2021.

HDFC Bank is offering 75 basis points interest to senior citizens under its HDFC Senior Citizen Care FD scheme. That is, during the 5-year tenure of HDFC Senior Citizen Care Fixed Deposit Scheme, senior citizens are receiving 0.75% more interest than the general public. Under this scheme, FD holders are getting 6.25% interest.

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Bank of Baroda Special FD Scheme

Under the Special Senior Citizens FD scheme, the Bank of Baroda (BOB) is offering 100 basis points, ie 1% more interest for senior citizens. Bob is offering an annual interest rate of 6.25% on 5 year to 10 year FDs for senior citizens.

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