Google Play Store removes many personal loan applications that violate the security policy

Technology giant Google has reviewed hundreds of personal loan apps in India and removed many of them from its Play Store. Users and government agencies have raised concerns about these applications from the company.

Apps that violate user safety policies have been removed

Google said Thursday that apps that violate user security policies have been removed from the Play Store immediately. Google has asked the remaining app developers to show how they comply with local laws and regulations. If they fail to do so, their app will be removed from the Play Store.

The Reserve Bank, which is now creating a committee on digital money lending, is now tightening its loan application

Google’s first priority is to provide a safer experience across products

“Our priority is to provide a secure experience across Google’s products,” Google said in a blog post. Our global product policies are designed and implemented in keeping with this goal. We are constantly working to improve user safety. However, Google has not revealed which apps have been removed. “We have reviewed hundreds of personal loan apps in India.