Google’s affordable phone Pixel 5a is coming, release date and price have been leaked

Senior technology company Google is preparing to bring its Pixel 5A smartphone. It will be the company’s affordable phone. Some reports have stated that the release of the phone has been postponed. However, a recent report claims that the Google Pixel 4A smartphone will be launched this month. Apart from the release date, the price of the smartphone has also been leaked. Learn more about the phone:

Start date and features

Google will launch a new Pixel 5A device on August 26, according to a report by English tech website FrontPageTech. The date has been revealed by some sources with knowledge of the subject. The report says the Pixel 5A smartphone will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor, 6GB of RAM and a 4650mAh battery.

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Speaking of other features, a 6.4-inch screen can be found on the phone. This display comes with a 90Hz refresh rate. It is expected to get the same camera and headphone jack as the Pixel 5 device in 2020. It may receive an IP67 rating, although the device does not support wireless charging. Of note, the leaked report in February revealed similar specifics.

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What is the price
Those waiting for the release of Pixel 5A in India may be disappointed. This is because Google has already said that the phone will only be launched in the US and Japan. As for the price, the mobile phone is expected to cost $ 450 (approximately $ 33,390) and is likely to be sold through online and physical retail stores.

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