Google’s free service stops after 5 days, take a quick backup or else you’ll have to pay a fee

If you use Google’s cloud service to keep your photos and videos, it’s important to know this news. Because ignoring this news can cost you so much. In fact Google will stop free unlimited storage in Google Photos starting next month. Starting June 1, the company will allow users to store photo-videos on the Google Photos platform and offer up to 15GB of free data. The company charges from those who use the most space. Please tell me that Google Photos is currently the best photo storage platform on the Internet. One reason is that this platform gives you the option to keep unlimited quality videos and photos for free.

These rules are changing from June 1
From June 1, Google will save high-quality images, but it will be stored in Google Accounts. This means that once you fill out the Google collection, you will need to purchase its subscription from Google One.

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Don’t want to spend money then do this job
If you don’t want to buy Google’s service, you can download all the data from Google Photos and keep it safe on your local drive. Let us tell you how to download photos from Drive:
You must first open from any browser on your computer / laptop.

>> Then log in with Google Account credentials. Now you have to click Disable all checkboxes.

After that scroll down and select the Google Photos option. Here you have to choose the format you want to download or export data from Google Photos.

Add a photo album according to the user, and adjust the pop-up to export.

Now scroll down and click the next step button. Within the Delivery Method option, select ‘Send Download Link By Email’ and select Export within the Frequency section.

Finally, by selecting the .zip option, select the download size. In this, you can choose from 2GB to 50GB.

After that you click the Export button, and then you get a progress message for your export link, for example how many hours or days this link is ready.

Once the export is ready you will get a download link in your mail.

Google can also help you save money in this way
Google reports that the company has brought a new storage management tool for Google photo storage users. With the help of this tool, you will be able to delete all your poor quality photos and then store 15 GB, you will be able to save on subscription money.

No new rules will be implemented on these phones
The change does not apply to people who own a Google Pixel 5 phone or an older Pixel device.

Check how much data you have in Google Photos
All you have to do is open the Google Photos app and go to the Settings section by tapping on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Under the Account Collection section, the app shows how much storage you have used so far.

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It costs a lot to buy a Google One subscription
With a subscription to Google One, you get 100GB of storage space at Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 on an annual basis. After subscribing to this service from Google, you get plenty of storage space. What’s special is that you can share this space with your family. At the same time, for a 200 GB storage space you will have to pay Rs 210 per month or Rs 2,100 per year. For 2 TB, Google One in India costs Rs 650 per month. And 6,500 per annum. 3,250 per month for 10 TB.

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