Govinda’s brother-in-law Krishna broke the silence about his relationship with Abhishek

The gap between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek is not narrowing. The conflict between the two caught the public’s attention at the time. Krishna Abhishek did not perform in the serial when Govind Kapil Sharma was part of the show. Krishna said his hatred affected him badly. Now Govinda has broken his silence on nepotism with Krishna.

Govinda said he did not want to talk about family matters publicly, but Krishna’s statement made him sad. Speaking to Times of India, Govinda said, ‘I read many reports that Krishna did not perform at the show because I was a guest of the show. He also talked about our relationship. In his remarks, many names are said to be evil and useless.

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Kashmiri was reluctant to meet the children – Govinda

Krishna had said that Govinda had not even come to meet his children who were fighting for life in the hospital. Govinda, who denied Krishna’s claims, said, “I went to see the children in the hospital with my family.” There I met a doctor and a nurse who looked after the children. However, the nurse told me that no member of my family wanted Kashmirira Shah (Krishna’s wife) to meet her. When we requested, we were allowed to look at the children from a distance and we returned home with a heavy heart. ‘

Govinda believes Krishna is not aware of the incident. Govinda said he followed Krishna’s house with his sister Aarti Singh. But he forgot to mention it in the interview. Govinda expressed disappointment at Krishna’s behavior. Govind said, “On behalf of Krishna and Kashmir, the media is making statements that accuse me. I don’t understand what they’re getting from all this stuff. ‘

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Govinda wants to stay away from Krishna

Govinda said he now wants to keep a decent distance from Krishna and his family. There is a misconception in every family, but a discussion of these issues in the media will ruin the picture, he said. Govinda said, ‘My mother was always saying good things and putting it in the river. The same is happening to me.