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Guardian of the environment ‘Policeman’ created an army of environmental friends

Often many faces of the police come before us. Sometimes bad and sometimes good. Many live in the headlines for better service of the law, many come into the discussion by bribing or bribing the law, but the work of the policeman we are talking about here is a bit different. This policeman is the ‘keeper of the environment’. In fact, Devendra’s passion for the environment makes him different. Devendra Sura, who lives in Sector-23 in Sonipat’s Jagasi Hall, has planted more than two lakh saplings till now. Seeing the dedication and attachment to the environment, people call Devendra by the name of tree-man. Love the environment is not so much an attachment to money. Devendra has built his own nursery by taking a loan of more than Rs 5 lakh so that there is no shortage of plants.


And the caravan became ..

Devendra had left alone on the path of environmental protection, but now with time, more than 10,000 environmental friends are running behind Devendra in Sonipat district alone, who are strengthening the campaign at the village level. An army of environmental friends is taking time out in the morning and evening to do shramdaan in the nursery. These include college’s daughters, young and old. All of them are preparing plants in the nursery with their own hands. The result of his hard work and hard work is that Chief Minister Manohar Lal has also been appreciated and honored many times.

Devendra gives plant to gift

The members of the Paryavaran Mitra Mandal are doing special work to make the spirit of eco-love reach every household and end social evils. Devendra Sura, popularly known as Chandigarh Police Jawan and Tree Man, has started the method of distributing saplings in Sonepat on bhaat, wedding, birthday. Plants are being given to daughters in dowry. Now the people of the district plant saplings on birthday, anniversary, anniversary and other happy occasions. At such events, people have started calling Devendra as the chief guest. Wherever Devendra gives the message of environment, Devendra also goes to congratulate someone, then gives the plant as a gift. Later, progress reports of the plant are also taken.

Think what you will give to the next generation: Devendra

Tree-man Devendra Sura said that air is poisoning due to pollution. Life is getting too short. Everyone is thinking about themselves, people do not know what we will give to the next generation. Oxygen gardens will be built in 10 villages so that people become environmentally conscious. Oxygen gardens will be built at Bidhal, Murthal Goshala, Bali Katubpur, Chatia, Nadipur Majra, Hullaheri, Katalupur, Gohana Majra, Jagasi. My goal is to give clean air to the generations to come. To make Sonipat green, I will keep on till every person joins this campaign.

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