Gulur is ready for the winter Ganesha festival ..! Huge Vinayaka statue to rise ..! – Winter gulur ganesha festival preparation in tumkur district


  • Sculpture preparation work commencing on Ganesha festival
  • Ganesha worship begins on Diwali
  • Discharge at Bullur Lake by the end of November

Chikkanna SD
The statue of Ganesha is preparing for the worship of the legendary Gulur Ganesha. Amidst the Kovid ritual, there is a fear that the festival will be celebrated every year.

The Ganesha Jatra Mahotsava in Tumkur district starts at Balipadhyam and there is a month of worship and cultural activities. On the feast day of the Gauri Ganesha, a group of 18 Kommen from the village rushed to Goolur Lake to perform the Gangapoo. 108 Undertaken soil is brought to the temple and the statue of Lord Ganesha is prepared in the temple till the day of Balipadhyam. Then Ganesha will perform his first worship at Balipadyam.

Specialty: Mahaganapati gathering activity begins at Ganapati in Gulur. The mold is ready to make a huge Ganpati. Every day, the people of the village collect their best quantities of clay from the well-known Gulur lake adjoining the village and fill it with mold.

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With the collective effort of the villagers, the huge Ganpati idol is ready. Ganapathi is installed at the end of October each year. Ganapati will be discharged at Gulur lake by the end of November after a month of special worship.

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Silver Silver: The first worship of Lord Ganesha is done during Diwali’s fireworks. Ganapathi is a crown, silver bangle and dental covering. Ganapati also has a beautiful temple built in the town.

Ritualism People from all over the state come to see Gulur Ganesh, who has been on the show for over a month. Many devotees participate in the fair and offer their devotion to Lord Ganesha.

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