Hamariwali Good News 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Hamariwali Good News 15th February 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Renuka trying to help Sukanya. Lalon hit Renuka’s head. Sumitra asks Vrinda to drink juice, why she is making a play. Vrinda drinks juice. Renuka asks Lallan to fear the Lord. She says I am pregnant, if you hurt me my child will die too, if you say I can give you money. I’m helpless, I’m not doing this for money, Lalon says. She tells her not to do this. Today he comes and sees Vrinda. She asks where Renuka went. Forget about her, Sumitra says we will marry Mukund. Renuka asks Lallan not to kill her child. Lalon pours kerosene. He burns the warehouse. Sumitra calls him. They say at times they are burned, you can watch it live. She is great, you get rewards for this. Godown blasts. Mukund is sitting in the mantapa. Adi brings Navya home. Sumitra acts and asks Are you fine. Renuka has sent me to the temple, I have gone to Moore, Adi has saved me. Sumitra grinned at her. Adi gets angry. Navya asks him to come.

Today he gets Vrinda. Ghunghat is so long as to say love is the first time Mum is getting married. Dizziness She wonders where Renuka is. Marriage celebrations begin. Then comes the call. He asks to find Sukanya. He says I’ll get you there in a while. Sumitra coughs with smoke. I switched off the main light, otherwise it would be a short circuit, says Adi. Pandit says it’s because of the damp wood. Adi opens the windows. After a while he turns on the lights. Mukund and the bride exchange garlands. Sumitra smiled. Lalan signed Sumitra. Mukund takes the wedding rounds with his bride. He lifts her ghunghat and looks at Renuka. Sumitra, Lallan and today are shocked.

Navya and Adi smile. Mukund fills Sindoor in Renuka’s mang and dresses her in mangasutra. He takes Sumitra’s blessing. Sumitra says yes, always be happy. She goes and scolds Lalon. She asks how Renuka fled, where Sukanya is, and how Renuka saved her too. Lalon says I am looking for her. Adi and Navya dress like Mukund and Renuka. They dance. She still asks when did all of this happen? Sumitra signs her to dance.

Navya says I want to tell you about Mukund and Sumitra’s beautiful bond, which was 10 years old for them. He presents the childhood story of Sumitra and Mukund. Renuka remembers Sukanya. Mukund remembers the fall of Sukanya and the death of his mother. Kusum and Vrinda play Sumitra and Sukanya’s fighting role. Nawya Mukund is playing her mum. Mukund shouts as Ma, Navya stops it, what a nonsense it is. Navya says we are bringing some of the previous chapters. Sumitra says stop this nonsense. Renuka says this is no nonsense, Sumitra blames Sukanya for killing Amma. Sumitra says the truth will not change if you show it, Sukanya has sinned, Mukund knows it. I didn’t say that, why you took it on yourself, says Renuka. Sumitra says your mum died like this, Sukanya killed not Amma. Don’t listen to me, Sumitra says she is my enemy. Mukund recalls the incident. Renuka asks if she saw Sukunya killing your mum. He asks why are you showing me the past, you are not related to it. They say I will prove it with truth. They say you cannot change the truth from this drama, what do you know about our childhood, who told you. Renuka shouts as Sukanya giggles. He is shocked. Sumitra says she got mad. Mukund scolds Renuka. He says we know Sukanya is dead. She asks what if I say she’s alive, she’s here. Mukund is shocked to see Sukanya coming with the police.

Precape: Mukund asks Sumitra to swear that Renuka has lied to her. Sumitra Yes, I swear, I’m telling the truth, she’s lying. Renuka is lying. Mukund takes Sumitra and Renuka to the door.