Hamariwali Good News 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka tells Mukund everything

Hamariwali Good News 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka tells Mukund everything

Mukand saved Renuka’s life, he saved her from the thief, he saved her like a hero and he took care of her, I’m glad he is taking care of her, he’s getting close, I was wrong about him like that. Adi says I feel like that. Sumitra asks Indu to crush Bhang fast. Its bhang, its just chutney who said, it’s a great thing, they say it can be used to bring out the truth from any person. She asks her to put the bhang in the bag, they use it at the Mukund house. She won’t tell her plan. It is not. Anchal is shocked to hear this.

Mukund looks at his shirt button. She remembered Renuka’s concern and smiled. He says that there is always some reason behind it, I understand that I must end the gap between Mukund and myself, then everything will be fine. Mukund calls her out. She goes to him. She stares at him. He looks at the dough on her face. He asks her to wash her face first. She asks why. He will sign her. She asks what it is, you can swatch it. He asks what you’re doing, you’re ruining my shirt. She goes to hand wash. He asks her why the shirt button is not fixed. He asks her to sew the button fast, he has to go to the store. She sews a button. He looks at her.

They say you can show anger, I’ve seen you care so much for me. He’ll be back. Her finger gets stuck. I’m taking off the coat and giving it to you. I’m not doing anything wrong. I saved you from the thief. That’s my responsibility. She asks if you have not forgotten about that night, I will always live under the burden of the wrong I did, I am your wife. I want to know why you hate me, 15 years have gone by, you don’t have me in your heart, it’s my fault, I quit trying, I try again, I can’t forget your embarrassment and become one with me. Some wounds are so deep that they always leave a mark, I tell you, we are here for the sake of our children, that’s all. He goes. I don’t think she can forget this, I can’t lie to him too much, I tell him the truth, I am doing this to help the children, he must help me, he must do the Father’s religion.

Navya talks to Adi in the beginning. He says that I am now going home to love. She comes to the cafe and orders the pastries. Sanjay arrives there to meet Aishwarya. He asks if you’re happy now, I’m meeting you in front of everyone. She asks how this happened. They say I must save the marriage, I love you. Navya looks at him. She is shocked to see Sanjay Ji… Sanjay Navya.

He asks Naval to meet his personal assistant, who came for work. Aishwarya introduces herself. Sanjay says the client is coming here for a visit, come for coffee. Navya thanks no, I’m in a hurry, keep up, bye. She calls and speaks to Renuka. Renuka waits for Mukund. She says I will tell him everything today. She asks Ashraf when Mukund will come. Tell me if there is a job. She says call me when he comes back.

Alok came home after I finished my work, where are you love. Sandhya comes. She asks if you have water. He asks where the love is. She’s gone out, she’s having a wedding in her magic, she’s late, she says you need something. They say ginger tea is good. He says I know all your needs and have everything ready. They say wow, your style is different. She gives him tea. She asks you do you have anything else, biscuit…. He looks at her. The call to him comes and goes. Navya comes home and asks for love.

Sandhya says he’s gone out, come on. I hurry up and give Novia clothes, I say hello to Alok. She asks Alok Sanjay who is planning a master party. She asks if you are talking to Sanjay’s PA. Alok says yes, he does well. They say work is too much, Sanjay has too much pass, girls are honest about work. Sanjay works day and night, girls can’t handle it, Vishal says he is fine. He gets another call. Renuka says when Mukunda comes, call him. Ashraf is good. Kusum comes in and teases Renuka. Renuka says I should have met Mukund. Kukum asks Mukund to give her a chutney and serve it with snacks. She’s gone. Ashraf’s call to Renuka. Ashraf says Mukund has come home. Renuka is fine. She sees Mukund go into the room. She goes behind him.

He goes to the washroom. She locks the door. Mukund opens the door. He says Renuka, I think the door is locked, open it. They say I locked it. What does he ask, do you get mad, open the door. She says no. They say open it right away. I say I won’t open the door until you hear me, when I try to talk, you lie down or yell at me, I’ll tell you everything today. What he asks, I come out and ask. She says no, it’s about our happiness, Adi and Navya can never be a parent. He is shocked. They say their child is not coming. She tells him everything. Mukund is sh-ocked.

Precape: Renuka tells Mukund everything. I would say that Navya was not pregnant, I lied to her. She cries and opens the door. Mukund comes out and slaps her.