Hathras accused in Andhra Pradesh should be punished: N. Mahesh

Chamarajanagar: Four accused in the Uttar Pradesh Hathras gangrape victims’ murder case should be taken and sentenced in the manner of Andhra Pradesh, said N M Mahesh. Also Read: Hathras case – Five police officers suspended from SP

Speaking in the city, N. Mahesh said three girls were murdered in the last week in Uttar Pradesh. Now a young woman from Hatras village has been gangraped and brutally murdered. These incidents and the social, economic and political situation in Uttar Pradesh made serious allegations that it seemed to me to be an assassin state. Also Read: Harsh punishment for rapists – Yogi Adityanath hopes

The reigning king is helping the thugs escape. The Yogi Adityanath government has failed to maintain law and order. So send the Yogi Police Officers to take the four accused wherever the victim is raped and sentenced. N Mahesh said he should be punished for his encounter with Andhra Pradesh.

The whole country must see the punishment of the accused. So I think it is possible to maintain peace and order in Uttar Pradesh.

Thakur and Jattar, a Dalit girl from Uttar Pradesh, are known to be free products. Therefore, I appeal to the central government to regulate this. N. Mahesh outraged that UP politics would be ulta.


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