Heart Island Genshin Impact: Steps to Find Heart Island Chests and Location

Genshin is packed with lots of fun things to make Impact and enjoy many of the mysteries that are spread all over the world. These mysteries introduce many new quest lines and treasures. One of those mysteries is Heart Island, where players will be able to get anemic and a hidden chest. Continue reading to learn where to find the heart island in Genshin Impact. Check Out About Heart Island Genshin Impact: Steps to Find Heart Island Chests and Location.

Genshin Impact: How to Get the Heart Island Chest

The heart island is located in the Liyue region northwest of the Ge hypostasis bass.

Where is the heart Island in Genshin impact?

You can best way to access the island by putting an air or anemic attack to the 4 leaf clover fan on the left side of the elite boss Geo Hypostasis. This calls for an upcount that sends you flying overhead. From there go to the island in front of you.

Genshin Impact Heart Island Location

Steps to Find Heart Island Chests and Location

Once on the island players will be able to collect anemoculus and several common chests. There is a luxury chest that locks in whatever the players do. The only way to fix this is if a player invites a friend to join their game. This will unlock the chest and allow them to collect its rewards.

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