Hog cart

Raichur: In the overflowing ditch, a cargo load of people washed up and a huge intruder missed. The incident took place in Yaragera village of Raichur taluk.

The four of them were sitting in an ox cart, going through the overflowing pothole. At this time, the oxen were poured into the water. The four men in the carriage of the oxen were also dug in the ditch. Seeing this, the villagers rushed to their defense.

The oxen along with the quadruplets also securely landed. There were one woman and three men in the cart. The incident took place as the manure was being transported to the yard. Fortunately no casualties.

The main road linking Yaragera and Pachchaladini villages is filled with ponds and water is flowing from the ditch. Farmers have the inevitability of crossing the same road and going to the land.


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