Horimiya Episode 7: Release Date and Time, Countdown, Episode Release Schedule, When is Episode 7 of Horimiya coming out?

In the morning, Sota asks his father how long he will stay here. Kyosuke replies that Sato will be told if he leaves. Sota responds that he was going to urinate, and his father told him not to fall inside. Yuriko asks her husband if she plans to stay long. Kyosuke said he wasn’t sure, and Hori returned with Miyamura. She told his father that she had brought Miyamura. Kiyosuke pretended he didn’t know who Miyamura was.

He looked at Miyamura’s hair and realized he was talking about cutting hair. Hori reminds his father of the lines he likes, and then he begins to recognize Miyamura. Kyosuke asks if he can take a bath with Miyamura. Miyamura said he couldn’t. He convinces Miyamura and the bath while watching Hori TV. Later, the family enjoys dinner together. Noticing that Miyamura was late, he decided to leave.

Horimiya Episode 7 will be released on Sunday, February 20, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. Those who wish to officially stream or watch this anime can visit Funimation and AnimeLab. This anime is available on various streaming platforms. Take a look below.

Horimiya Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Like other anime series, Horimiya is based on the Japanese manga series, written by Hero. The previous installment of the series was recently released, and we have seen Izumi spend the night at Kyoko’s house and information has spread that the two are dating. The audience witnessed a love affair between Honoka and Izumi and people are eager to see how the events will turn out in the upcoming episode. The upcoming episode, Episode 7, is titled “You’re Here, I’m Here” and is expected to be released 21 February 2021.

When is Horimiya Episode 7 coming out?

Horimiya Episode 7 is expected to be released on February 21, 2021 but remember that the release date may be different depending on your international location. It is thought that the anime series was written by Takao Yoshiokand. The series has plenty of interesting characters.

Previously on Episode 6

Kyosuke tells him to stay one night. Sota persuades Miyamura to stay and tells him he can sleep in his room. Kyosuke said Miyomuri sleeps in Daddy’s room. They went to bet, and Hori said goodnight to them before closing the door. Kyosuke said Miyamura was in Hori’s room, and Miyamura said she wasn’t thinking about that. Kyosuke asks Miyamura what is interested in his daughter.

Horimiya Episode 7 Countdown

Horimia Episode 7 is expected to be released on February 21, 2021, so it is about five days before the upcoming episode is released at the time of writing this article.

How many episodes in Horimiya?

The Horimiya anime series is based on the Japanese manga, written by Hero and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. As of now, Horimiya Anime is expected to have a set of 13 episodes. Of these 13, six were released at the time of writing this article, and the series has plenty of fans for it. Horimiya is a romantic anime series, one of the most promising anime ever made.


Miyamura said Hori doesn’t judge people by looks. He wanted to tell her more about Hori, but he realized that Kyosuke was sleeping. In the morning, Hori met the two. As always, she opens the window and steps on her father’s butt as she steps onto the floor. Kyosuke screams and wakes up, and he realizes that his daughter wakes him up when he’s around. Miyamura is surprised that Hori is wearing middle school gym clothes.

The trio would go to school, and Kyosuke wanted them to walk away. Hori said he manages. Two students passing by Hori’s house saw Miyamura and Hori coming out. He began to wonder if the two were dating and they spread rumors about it. People began to whisper when Hori and Miyamura reached the school. Some punk-like punk is too hot to be with Miyamura. Inside the classroom, Miyamura heard the other girls talking about it, and he looks away, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Ishikawa can’t believe the rumors, and he is angry that Hori is actually in love with Miyamura. Yoshikawa cries in front of Ishikawa, and he squeezes her hair. Heis wonders why she is crying. At the same time, Hori faced punks asking if she was dating Miyamura. Hori admits that she is dating Miyamura and the punk is stunned. One of them thinks she is lying because she has rejected so many boys who are sore from their new love story.

Miyamura went into hiding, listening to the two punks he thought deserved her. Miyamura gets angry and wants to attack Punk. He realizes what Ishikawa told him to ignore because they are idiots. Miyamura realizes that Hori isn’t afraid of what others think of their relationship. He decided to relax and be cool; Later, Hori is asked where her hubby is. She replies that she does not know.

How many episodes of Horimiya have been released?

Below is a list of the released Horimiya episodes.

  • Episode 1 titled “A Tiny Happenstance” was released January 10, 2021.
  • Episode 2 titled “You Wear More Than One Face” January 17, 2021.
  • Episode 3 titled “That’s Why It’s OK” was released January 24, 2021.
  • Episode 4 of “Everybody Loves Somebody” was released January 31, 2021.
  • Episode 5 releases the tired “I Can’t Say It to Loud” February 7, 2021.
  • Episode 6 titled “Going to Be a Hot One” this summer February 14, 2021.

Upcoming Episodes of Horimiya

Horimiya Episode Release date
Episode 8 27 February 2021
Episode 9 6 March 2021
Episode 10 13 March 2021
Episode 11 20 March 2021
Episode 12 27 March 2021
Episode 13 3 April 2021

Horimiya Episode 6 Reunion

Earlier in the episode, we saw Izumi spend the night at Kyoko’s house and the two dating news spread throughout the school. The whole school wonders why someone like Kyoko is dating Izumi and Izumi doesn’t pay attention to these gossips. Izumi comes to school with a haircut one day and even chucks his glasses off, and the whole school is in awe. In the sixth episode, we witnessed Honoka stalk Izumi, but we later learn that Kyoko has a crush on him. Despite the initial rejection, Honoka and Izumi develop a relationship when Izumi learns that Honoka has recently lost her brother.


Ishikawa has revealed that Miyamura will return after lunch. Suddenly, Miyamura comes back. He stunned the entire class with his new look, and he went and said good morning. Hori can’t believe Miyamura and the other girls gathered near Miyamura. He asks why he cuts his hair and why he doesn’t wear a blazer. Miyamura says it’s because it’s summer, and Ishikawa thinks Miyamura will get back to her soon.

The girls started taking and sharing pictures of Miyamura. Hori was ruining the scene, and she took the camera and went to Miyamura’s face. She started taking many pictures without stopping. The two return home, and Sato is impressed by Miyomura’s new look. Kyosuke asks who this guy is and comments on what he will convert. Kyosuke asks if he was dumped, and Hori said that if she threw him, she wouldn’t have brought him.

Miyamura gets a call, and Kyosuke asks if it’s another girl. Miyamura replies that it is a friend. Kyosuke thought it was a girl since Miyamura’s look could impress anyone. The two then visited Shindou and were astounded at how transformed Miyamura was. Shindou can’t believe the sweet, precious Miyamura is gone forever. He then sees horror movies with Kyosuke, saying that they scare him. He cannot believe that his daughter is threatening him.