Horoscope 4 March: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn, beware of Sagittarius and Aquarius, read the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary positionMars and Rahu are in Taurus. The Moon is in Libra. Ketu Scorpio is in the zodiac. Mercury has Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Sun and Venus sitting in Aquarius.

The mind is cheerful. Enjoyable life, the day is colorful. Feel like a holiday. There will be progress in livelihood. Love can be found partner, business is very good. There is a need to focus on health. Worship Bajrang Baal

TaurusThere is definitely some confusion. Your work will continue in the interim. Health, love, business all going well. Worship Lord Ganesha.

GeminiThe students are doing well. The time is right to read and write. Avoid discord. Health, love, business is fine. Don’t try to get some love. Ma Kali worship.

CancerIt is a sign of homecoming. Material wealth increases, but domestic happiness is disrupted. Love is good and business is not going well. Worship Bajrang Bali and avoid negative things

LionessWill continue to be strong. Execute plans. Getting better. Brothers and friends will be with you. Health, love, business is all good, but be very careful about love.

MaidenSpeech should not be arbitrary. Save money and spend it now or give it to someone. Love, business is going well with you. Donate a red object

LibraLooks like shining hero-heroine. All you need is accessibility in life. Health, love, business is getting amazing. No problem. Worship Lord Shiva.

ScorpioDon’t do any work now depending on luck. Work hard, you will definitely get results. Headache or eye discomfort can be troublesome. Can be bothered by high costs. Health is not very good. Love is also moderate. The business does almost right. Worship Lord Shiva.

SagittariusIt needs some attention. Do not take any kind of risk, otherwise it may hurt. A love-centric business that focuses on health does almost exactly that. Ma Kali worship.

NectarYou can make a decision by getting emotional. Time is good for students. But make no decision after being emotional, otherwise it can get in trouble. Note. Good luck supporting you Worship chanting takes place in the mind. Love, business works well. Ma Kali worship.

Kumbha heapIt needs some attention. Don’t try to leave whatever you are doing. Note that you can relax. Everything else is going well. No problem.

Fish– May look flat. May get into some trouble. Must cross a little. Health is a medium of love. The business will continue to do well. Ma Kali worship. Fine

Ajay Kumar Singh