How is this love for Muslims? Shiv Sena leaders want Ajan contest, party bid – central government should remove loudspeakers from mosques

Shiv Sena, surrounded by party leaders, expressed ich desire to compete in the Azan contest and suggested removing loudspeakers from mosques. The Shiv Sena on Wednesday asked the central government to ban the use of loudspeakers in mosques to prevent noise pollution. An editorial in the Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece ‘Samana’ states that noise pollution and the environment are related.

“The Center should bring an ordinance to prevent the use of loudspeakers in mosques to prevent noise pollution,” the editorial said. P. Sakpal, head of the Mumbai-South wing of the Shiv Sena, was instructed to read the azaan by Muslim children, which caused controversy. This view was expressed in an editorial amidst the controversy.

In an editorial, BJP’s criticism of Army chief Azan was praised as “terrorist Pakistan” (protesting against new agricultural laws) at the Delhi border.

The article states that most of the protesting farmers are either ex-soldiers or their children are defending the country’s borders. “What can we expect from those who call peasants terrorists,” says the Marathi version of Samana. Trolls think the Shiv Sena has given up Hinduism, but no one talks about their (BJP leaders’) image when eating the Eid. “The editorial” we do not make this a political issue because the country’s 22 million Muslims are Indian citizens.