How long interest rates will be kept soft: SBI president

State Bank of India (SBI) keeps interest rates as soft and comfortable as possible to support the growth of the economy. Bank President Dinesh Kumar Khara said this. Since the second wave of the Kovid-19 pandemic has impacted the Bank’s passive assets (NPA), the SBI president said the lockdown had not taken place across India. In such a situation, we will have to wait a while for its impact on the banking sector.

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Many things, including inflation, affect interest rates, he said. In an interview with PTI-language, Khara said, “It is too early to evaluate the NPA scenario of banks based on local constraints. “We have to wait and wait a while before making any comment on the status and the NPA,” he said.

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Regarding the bank’s ongoing efforts in the midst of the current conditions of the coronavirus epidemic, Khara said it has decided to build a temporary hospital with an intensive care facility (ICU) for Kovid-19 patients. Country. The bank will get Rs 30 crore for this work. The reserve is in touch with some NGOs and hospital management to establish emergency medical facilities.

70 crore for Kovid.

He said the bank wants to arrange one thousand beds for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients in the worst affected states. There will be 50 beds with ICU facility. State Bank is contracting with hospitals and NGOs to provide oxygen cylinders and other facilities, Khara said. “We have prepared an action plan. We have invested Rs. 70 crore and Rs.

70,000 employees have been vaccinated

In order to protect bank employees and their families, the bank has contracted with some hospitals around the country so that sick bank employees can get treatment on a priority basis. The bank has decided to bear the cost of vaccination for its employees and their dependents. Of the total two and a half lakh employees in the bank, so far 70,000 employees have been vaccinated.