How much subsidy is being received on LPG in February, check this out

Amid rising prices of LPG cylinders, the big question is whether consumers will get subsidies this month. If found, how much? Let us tell you how you can find out if your account is subsidized or not? How much did the subsidy come to? It only takes a few minutes. There are two ways to do a subsidy check. The first is through a mobile number registered with Indane, Bharat Gas or HP and the second is by an LPG ID, these IDs are written in your gas passbook.

How to Check Indane LPG Subsidy

  • First go to the IOC official website
  • Click on the photo of the LPG cylinder, the compact box opens, write ‘Subsidy Status’ here and click the Procedure
  • Click on the ‘Subsidy Related’ option. It will be written below, click on ‘Subsidy Not Received’
  • A new dialog box opens where there are 2 options, a registered mobile number and an LPG ID.
  • Select your gas connection to the mobile, otherwise enter the 17-digit LPG ID
  • After entering the LPG ID, check and submit
  • Fill in the various information, such as the booking date, then you will see the subsidy information
  • If you wish, you can find information from the customer care number 1800-233-3555

If you reserve a cylinder from HP or BPCL, there is a regular website for this.

Check through the regular website

  • You go to
  • Enter your 17 digit LPG ID
  • Fill in the registered mobile number, enter the captcha code and proceed
  • OTP comes with your mobile number
  • Create a password by typing your email id on the next page
  • The activation link comes in the email, click it
  • Your account will be activated as soon as you click the link, after which you will go to and log in
  • If your Aadhaar card is linked to an LPG account, click it
  • After this, the View Cylinder Booking History / Subsidy Transfer option is viewed.
  • From here you will know whether the subsidy has been transferred to your bank account or not. Subsidy annual revenue on domestic gas is available only to those who do not exceed 1 million. If the husband and wife earn 10 lakhs they will not get LPG subsidy.

It was a shock twice in February

Oil marketing companies have been hit twice this month by domestic gas consumers. In metro cities, the price of LPG cylinders in Indane and HP increased by Rs 25 per liter on February 4 and by Rs 50 per cylinder on February 15. Domestic LPG cylinder prices have now been hiked to Rs 769 in Delhi. The price of LPG cylinder in the capital Delhi so far is Rs.

LPG Cylinder Price: LPG is expensive in Delhi, now it is the new price of LPG cylinder

There was no change in the prices of subsidized LPG cylinders from July to November. Consumers have not received subsidies since May last year. In fact, from May to November, the price of subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinders was consolidated. Because of this, people are not getting subsidy. Companies have increased the price of LPG, the LPG cylinder, twice in December to Rs. Now it has collected Rs 75 twice in February.

Subsidy reduction from last year

In the last one year, the subsidy on LPG cylinders has been continuously cut, making the subsidized cylinder more expensive and the subsidy zero. In July last year, the market price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder in the national capital of Delhi, ie, the non-subsidized cylinder price, was Rs 637, down from Rs 594.