ICC 2023 resets WC’s two qualifying tournaments

The schedule for the remaining two series of the Men’s World Cup Challenge League A has been changed due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The International Cricket Council (ICC) issued this information on Thursday. Both series are part of the 2023 One Day International World Cup qualifying tournament in India. The remaining 30 List A matches were to be played in League Two under the World Cup Challenge League A.

The second series is to be played in Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore and Vanuatu from 15 to 28 August, while the third series is to be held in Malaysia in 2022. In Malaysia, the series is now premature in November / December, while in Canada the series is scheduled for July / August next year. Chris Tetley, head of the ICC Tournament, said, “The schedule of the two men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League A series has been changed, giving members the best ability to host the tournament in their country, keeping in view the current Kovid-19 guidelines and restrictions.” Take a chance. ‘

The Canadian team is currently in the top spot due to a better position than Singapore in terms of net rainfall. The dual teams have eight points. At the end of the tournament, a team receives one of six places in the 2023 World Cup Qualifier Playoff. The top teams in Challenge League B and the four teams below the Cricket World Cup League Two will also play in the qualifier play-offs.