IDBI Bank has made major changes in FD interest rates, check new interest rates

IDBI Bank Latest FD Rates: IDBI Bank revises fixed deposit rates On July 14, the bank made this new change. This affects people who get FD less than Rs 2 crore. Tell us what the bank’s new rates are

The rates of various FD schemes of IDBI Bank are also different. Currently, the bank has been doing FDs for 7 days to 20 years. Senior citizens are being paid higher interest rates than ordinary citizens. The bank is currently offering interest to senior citizens ranging from 3.2% to 5.3%.

IDBI Bank has been offering 2.7% interest for 7 days to 30 days FDs. Interest on FDs of 31 to 45 days is 2.8%, 3% of 46 to 90 days FDs and 3.5% of 91 days and 6 month FDs.

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IDBI Bank latest rates

7 to 14 days FD – 2.7%

15 to 30 days FD – 2.7%

31 to 90 days FDs – 2.8%

91 days to 6 months – 3.5%

1 day to 270 days 6 months – 4.3%

270 days to 1 year in FDs – 4.3%

1 year – 5%

1 year to 1 day to 2 years – 5.1%

More than 2 years but less than three years – 5.1%

3 years and above but less than 5 years – 5.3%

Up to 5 years – 5.25%

Over 5 years and up to 10 years – 5.25%

More than 10 years and 20 years- 4.8%

Senior citizens receive an additional 50 bps points as interest.

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