If the geo sim is stolen or lost, block within minutes and you will be protected from heavy loss

Lost or stolen smartphones are very common nowadays. It is important that we all do one thing after the phone is stolen, which we often forget. That means blocking the SIM card. Telecom operators offer users a variety of ways to block their SIM card and secure their necessary information. Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom operator, also offers users a variety of ways to block SIM cards. Today we will tell you about the same methods:

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How To Block Geo SIM Card
To block a SIM card through Customer Care, call toll-free helpline number 199 from the Geo number. Then follow the instructions and talk to the customer service officer. After this, inform the officer of the reason for blocking the SIM. After this, the customer service officer will take your name, email id and some information for verification. Your SIM will be blocked after your details match or confirmed.

You can go to the Geo official website to block the SIM card. Go to the website and sign in using the mail id and password associated with your geo number. Then click on ‘Settings’, after which you will get the ‘Suspend and Resume’ option, click on suspend.

To block your SIM card from another Geo number, call 1800 8899999. Follow the instructions and get in touch with the customer service officer. Explain to the officer the reason for blocking the SIM card.

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How to resume geo sim card
Once you have the blocked Geo SIM card, go to the Geo website and sign in using the SIM registered mail id. Click ‘Settings’, then go to the Resume option and click on it. After this, your SIM card services will start immediately.