If the mobile number has changed, update it immediately in Aadhaar.

Today, Aadhaar card is the most important document for every citizen of India. You need Aadhaar for every major work, from government to private. It is also important to keep all your information in Aadhaar, as Aadhaar is not enough. That is why if you have any information wrong in Aadhaar, please update or update it.

In addition, to take advantage of all Aadhaar related facilities, let us know that your mobile number on Aadhaar card is correct. If the mobile number is not registered in Aadhaar or it is wrong then you may face many problems. That is why it is important to update your correct and active phone numbers in Aadhaar. Today we explain to you the process of changing the mobile number in Aadhaar. So here’s an easy way to change the mobile number:

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Change the mobile number in Aadhaar like this
>> First you need to go to Aadhaar Enrollment / Renewal Center.
After this, the Aadhaar card correction form has to be filled.
Enter the mobile number you want to update on this form. Then submit the form.
You will then need to provide your biometrics for opticization.
This is followed by a receipt from the executive.
On this receipt you get the Request Number (URN).
You can check your update status using urn.
Please tell us that after updating your mobile number in Aadhaar, you do not need to take a new Aadhaar card.
When you register your new mobile number in Aadhaar, you will start receiving OTP in the changed Aadhaar mobile number.
>> If you want to check the updated status of Aadhaar, you can also find out by calling UIDAI’s toll-free number 1947.

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No document is required to update the phone number
If you want to update your mobile number on your Aadhaar card, you don’t have to present any kind of document. All you have to do is fill out the Aadhaar Renewal Form. In this you have to enter your existing mobile number. Also the fee has to be paid.

50 will be charged for updating the mobile number
You have to pay Rs. 50 to upgrade mobile in Aadhaar. For one or more amendments, you only pay Rs.

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