If you are worried about recharging your phone, just change this setting of your smartphone and you will see the difference immediately.

If you too have been bothered by frequent charging of your phone, this news is the solution to your problem. Because of phone recharge (phone discharge), it has to be applied in charging. When charging the phone, sometimes we notice that the phone is charging quickly, sometimes the phone takes a long time to charge. You can remove this problem related to phone charging by changing one of your phone’s settings. Let us tell you what this trick is and how the phone will start charging quickly after this:

Learn the secret setting to charge the phone faster
This setting is in the phone’s developer option, which must be enabled first.

To apply this setting, first go to Phone Settings and go to Phone About.

At the bottom here you need to tab on the build number 7-8 times.

After that comes developer options. There are several confidential settings for the phone within this option.

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When developer options start appearing on your phone, open it.

Now Developer Options At the bottom of the networking option has the Select USB Configuration option, open it.

It includes MTP Auto Select. Where do you choose charging from.

Select Charging Now and Go Back and then Exit Developer Options.
After this, go back to this option and check if the charging is selected. After this, you will see that the phone is already charging fast and you will also get rid of the hassle of repeatedly charging.

Why does the phone start charging faster with this trick?
In fact, the media transfer protocol default (MTP) is selected in the phone’s USB configuration on Android smartphones. No matter what the phone is charged, it always reads the MTP option first. By changing this, we have to choose the charging option.

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Furthermore, select this option for faster charging
1. Update Phone: As the phone gets older, the battery will greatly affect the charging capacity, but the new phone will charge the battery faster. So, even if the phone is old, keep updating it so that the phone does not slow down and the battery is also fixed.

2. Choose a Branded Adapter: Never charge a phone with an unbranded or universal charger. Only use the adapter found with the phone’s accessories to charge the phone.

3. Turn off unused services: Turn off services like Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi for faster charging.

4. Do not use the phone during charging: Do not use the phone when charging, because using the phone while charging will slow down the charging.

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