In the midst of UPSC preparation, a friend opened a tea shop with a turnover of Rs 100 crore today

In a country like India, parents want their girl or boy to become an IAS or work in the engineering sector. If nothing else, someone has to do that government job. In such a situation, what if the boy who is preparing for the IAS and leaves him to open a tea shop? That’s what you think. Parents get angry and relatives call it life’s biggest mistake. But the fact that someone has a desire to do something, gradually begins to end. One such story is Anubhav Dubey of Indore, who left home to become an IAS, but later opened a chai shop bar with friends and the company’s turnover crossed Rs 100 crore.

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Village Education

Experience Dubey did his early studies, ie from 1st to 8th grade at a village school. After this he completed his studies from Indore. Family members sent him to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC, where he met his school friend and co-founder of the bar company, Anand Nayak. From here the company started working on the ‘Chai Situ Bar’ idea.

With the help of old chairs began the business

Initially lacking money, Anand and Anand started their business by buying second hand furniture. There was insufficient funds to put a handwritten banner in front of the store. The business started after the difficult early days. And he never looked back.

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100 crore turnover

The annual turnover of the company, which started at three lakhs at a time, has crossed Rs 100 crore today. According to experience, the company currently has stores in 165 locations across the country. More than 250 of its families make kulhads, all of whom depend entirely on the company.

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