IND vs ENG: Jaspreet Bumrah becomes a villain in the eyes of Indian fans in the first innings, becomes hero in second innings, see video

The second match of the five-match Test series between India and England is taking place at the historic grounds of the Lord’s. Today is the fifth and final day of the match. England got a target of 272 from India in response, and the hosts got off to a bad start. The team scored 67 runs and lost 5 wickets. Jose Butler and Moeen Ali are currently playing in the crease. From here onwards, India are now very close to winning, as they only need 5 wickets. Indian bowlers are bowling superbly in the second innings and they are not allowing English batsmen, especially captain Joe Root, to run.

Root played an unbeaten 180 in the first innings and England expected a similar innings in the second innings. But Jasprit Bumrah, the villain in the eyes of Indian fans, did not let Root score long this time, throwing a lot of pain in the first innings. Root was able to score only 33 off 60 balls with five boundaries and Bumrah gave India a big lead by bringing in India’s captain Virat Kohli. Kohli was so happy after taking a root catch, he ran to the boundary and celebrated it there. Bumrah has become a hero in the eyes of Indian fans by getting a root wicket. Bumrah is getting a lot of praise on social networking sites.

Bumrah scored 13 no balls in the first innings

India bowled a total of 17 no-balls in the first innings, of which 13 were bowled by Jaspreet Bumrah. Bumrah made 79 in 26 overs, but could not get a single wicket in his name. Bumrah threw three consecutive no-balls in England’s innings. Bumrah, famous for Yorker bowling, is completely out of line. In the 126th over of the England innings, Bumrah pitched 4 no-balls against James Anderson and took a total of 10 balls. The bumra lasted 15 minutes. The fans trotted him over it and he became a villain in the eyes of the fans. But now he is a hero in the second innings.

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