IND vs. ENG: Rohit Sharma angry over pitch controversy – every team has the right to take advantage of domestic conditions

The third Test of the four-Test series between India and England will be played at Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad from February 24. In the second Test, Team India humiliated England by 317 runs. It was India’s win over England in terms of runs. After the English team’s defeat, former captain Michael Vaughan raised a lot of questions about the pitch and said it was not a pitch worthy of a five-day Test match. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma, who scored 161 runs in the same ground in Chennai, said Chepauk has come out in support of his pitch and that every team has the right to take advantage of home conditions.

Sharing a photo of the PK grounds, Vaughan Chepak targeted the pitch

Speaking at a virtual press conference, Rohit Sharma said: ‘The pitch was the same for both teams, so I have no idea why the matter was raised again and again. Both teams played on the same pitch. People say the pitch should be like this, not the way it is, but Indian pitches have been made this way for years. I don’t think any change needs to be made. Each team takes advantage of their domestic situation. When we go to play in other countries, he doesn’t think about us, so we have to think about who we are. We have to make pitches according to our team’s choice. This means the convenience of the home and the other team’s grounds, otherwise it must be removed. Tell the ICC (International Cricket Council) to make a rule that pitches should be prepared everywhere.

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Referring to overseas tours, Rohit said, “When we go abroad, our competitors also make difficult pitches for us. So I don’t think we should talk much about pitches. We need to talk about the game and the players. I don’t think much about pitches. If you think about it too much, the pitch will not change. Therefore, the focus should be on how to play on a given pitch and what type of strategy is required.