India vs England: ‘A Bapu Thari bowling Kamal Che’ while Virat Kohli praises Akshar Patel in Gujarati

India won the match against England in two days in the third Test of the Test series at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad. Left-arm spinner Akshar Patel was instrumental in the team’s spectacular win, taking 11 wickets in the entire match. He was voted Man of the Match for this outstanding performance. Akshar Patel made his Test debut in the second Test of the series. After the match he was interviewed by the team’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya. In this interview, the team captain praised Virat Kohli in Gujarati.

First, Hardik and Akshar were talking to each other, meaning Virat Kohli suddenly came in the middle of his interview and praised Akshar Patel in Gujarati as ‘Aye Bapu Thari Bowling Kamal Hehe’ (Bapu your bowling is great). This video is becoming quite viral on social media.

The former English captain who defended India in the pitch controversy defended this

In an interview with BCCI TV, Akshar Hardik said, “I have been out of the team for three years and have been working on my sporting aspects. I have worked very hard on my bowling and batting.” These things continue to come to mind.

“I would say wait for the opportunity and give my 100 percent whenever the opportunity arises,” he said. Let me tell you that Akshar came to cricket at the age of 15 at the behest of a school friend. . His grandmother supported him but his grandmother died before he joined the Indian team. “I give full credit to my family, friends and teammates who have supported me during a difficult time,” he said. Asked if Test cricket was easy, everyone asked me this question, “Akshar said. It may seem easy when things are convenient, but when you miss Fultos, you know how easy it is.

The team lost so badly that Vaughn began to instigate the ICC, making such a statement