Indian cricketer Parvez Rasool is accused of theft by the state’s own cricket board, problems may escalate

Pervez Rasool, who played one-day and one-day T20 for Team India, has been accused by his home state cricket board. The Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association has alleged that Parvez stole the pitch roller and sent a notice to him for his reply. The Jammu and Kashmir Board says Parvez Pitch Roller should be returned otherwise legal action will be taken against him. The Indian cricketer is outraged over this behavior of the board and has dismissed such allegations.

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According to ‘Indian Express’ news, by mail to Parvez Rasool, the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Board said,’ You have kept the machinery of the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association. You are instructed to promptly return all machinery within a week, for any breach of trust, including for police action, and to take any enforcement action against you for maintaining good relations. If you do not do this, the J&K Cricket Association will be free to take action.

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In response to a letter from the board, Parvez wrote, ‘I would like to tell you that Parvez Rasool, who represented his country and was the first international player in the state to play IPL, Duleep Trophy, Devadhar Trophy, India-A and so on. Chairman of the Board. Also played from the side. With this, I have been the captain of Jammu and Kashmir for the past six years and the only cricketer in Jammu and Kashmir to receive the Best All Rounder award from the BCCI twice. I received the letter today, in which it was written that I had taken the roller of the Jammu and Kashmir cricket organization, which is very unfortunate. I will tell you that I have not taken any roller or machine. I am a cricketer. I would like to ask what is the treatment of an international cricketer who has given his life and soul to J&K cricket.

Anil Gupta, a member of the BCCI’s Trilateral Committee, received the notice in this regard because his name was on the register of the J&K Cricket Association and the mailing address of other districts was not available. He said that every member of the district has been mailed keeping the matter on hold for the board machine. Anil Gupta said this step had to be taken in the process of preparing the audit report.

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