Indori Poha Recipe: Enjoy Indori Poha for breakfast and take a look at this healthy tasty recipe

Taste of Indori Poha Recipe: If you are looking for some healthy and quick option for breakfast, then try the Chatpata Indori Poha. Made with chidwa, sabji, bhujia and groundnuts, this desi dish is ready in a few minutes. So what’s the delay, let’s learn how to make a spicy Indori poha.

Ingredients for making Indori Poha –
-2 cup poha
-1-2 Finely chop the green chilies
– 1 tsp fennel
– 1/2 tsp mustard
– 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
– 2 tbsp oil
– 2-3 tbsp sugar
– Salt to taste
– Green Coriander
-1/2 cup finely chopped onion
– Spicy Indori Sev
– Spicy Bundy
– Cumin spice
– Lemon

How to Do Indori Poha –
To prepare Indori poha, first wash the poha with a clean swab and rinse it with water. When washing the poha with water, mix it with light hands so that the poha does not break.

After washing the poha, drain all the water and keep it for a while to dissolve the poha. Now add turmeric powder, sugar and salt and mix well. After this, heat the oil in a thick-bottomed skillet in a low flame, soften the mustard seeds and mix with the chopped green chillies and fennel.

Now add poha to it and reduce the flame. Now put the boiling water in a large skillet, put the poha pan over the boiling water and let it steam.

When all the ingredients are mixed together, the color of the poha is visible and the poha is cooked thoroughly, then lightly mixed with hand, turn off the gas, sprinkle the green coriander on top and leave the pan in a steam pot. Now put the hot poha on a plate and serve with vermicelli, boondi, giravan, chopped onion and lemon.

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