INDVENG: Ravi Shastri said – ‘Gavaskar and Shastri never complained about foreign pitches’

In the midst of a debate on hosting pitches to help the hosts, Ravichandran Ashwin has urged cricket fans and the Indian cricket community to better deal with such allegations. Asked whether England and Australia should agree that spin bowling cannot be handled on turn-taking pitches, Ashwin said, in the end, we are upset about all this.

He said, ‘Everyone has the right to have an opinion and it is their right to give an opinion. We’re going to keep an eye on it and see if it works or not. He said, ‘As a cricketing community or as a country, such allegations must be well fought. We must be proud that we are playing good cricket. “The Indian team may have opinions on pitches, but no players or ex-players have complained about taking wickets in foreign conditions,” Ashwin said.

Wasim Jaffer Classic style England team and K.P.

He said, ‘I have no problem with what England cricket experts say because we, too, give our opinion on foreign tours. But we never complain. He said, ‘I’ve never seen my greatest players complain. Whether it was our coach Ravi Shastri or Sunil Gavaskar, he made several visits and talked about being on the grass pitch but didn’t complain. Ashwin did not name any former Englishman but he was referring to former captain Michael Vaughan.

“We have to respect the opinion of the people, but come to oppose it in a better way,” he said. People often give unnecessary advice and this has happened in five years when they haven’t been able to play well with the bat. Ashwin said, ‘In India we get different kinds of opinions but sometimes it is not even necessary. If I needed help, I took batting coach Vikram Rathod. He said, ‘I never thought I’d say this but I’ll say it. Cameron Green made his debut in Australia two months ago. Before his debut, he was considered the next generation star. He scored 150 in the entire series against India and did not take a wicket. But how excited it was.

Joe Root knows the shame of the embarrassing defeat against India.

He said, ‘I don’t understand why players are starting to find mistakes here. Rishabh Pant was always a good cricketer and had to improve. There is no need to change the pant, but those who judge him must change. Finding mistakes takes a lot of time for the player. It’s a question of mentality and we have to admit what a great cricketer he is. Asked if he would play the T20 World Cup in India this year, he said: “You dream when you are very young.” I enjoy the process, regardless of the outcome. ‘