Inflation game: Potato-tomato, which manages the budget of the kitchen, ruins edible oil, where it has reached the price of essential goods in a year

The impact of petrol and diesel inflation will fall on consumer goods, but it is a comforting fact that the prices of potatoes and tomatoes that plagued the general public last year were soft. When the onion is ready to cry. Compared to last year, tomatoes are 40 percent cheaper and potatoes are 32 percent cheaper. At this time, edible oils have played a major role in completely ruining the kitchen budget. Mustard oil increased 42 percent, peanut oil 21 percent, vegetable 53 percent, soybean oil 55 and sunflower oil 58 percent. Palm oil also jumped 48 percent during this period.

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According to data provided on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, open tea on 16 July 2021 was up 16% on 20 July 2021. At the same time, the rice rate is up 5 percent. If we talk about pulses, according to the latest information provided on the ministry’s website, the average Tur dal has risen from Rs 93 to Rs 107 per kg, while the Urad Dal rose from Rs 91 to Rs 106 per kg. On the other hand, there was a slight decline in moong dal, with lentils and chana dal being 15 percent more expensive.

What happened to essential goods in a year?


Daily retail price of essential items
26 July Price A year ago Percentage change
26/07/2021 26/07/2020 One year
Rice 35.54 33.75 5.3
Wheat 27.2 28.42 -4.29
Flour (wheat) 30.44 31.35 -2.9
Chickpea Lens 75.37 66.38 13.54
Tour / Arhar Dal 106.01 91.45 15.92
Uraad Dal 107.13 97.41 9.98
Moong Dal 102.58 105.46 -2.73
The red lens 87.64 75.96 15.38
Sugar 39.71 40.14 -1.07
Milk @ 48.92 48.07 1.77
Peanut oil (packaged) 178.71 147.53 21.13
Mustard oil (packaged) 171.41 119.98 42.87
Vegetable (packed) 133.49 86.98 53.47
Soy Oil (Packaged) 152.11 98.02 55.18
Sunflower oil (packaged) 171.46 108.06 58.67
Palm Oil (Packaged) 129.61 87.56 48.02
Bella 48.29 47.75 1.13
Loose tea 277.02 214.84 28.94
Salt Pack * 17.82 16.12 10.55
Potatoes 21.01 31.68 -33.68
Onion 29.51 21.75 35.68
Tomato 29.51 49.56 -40.46

Source: Consumer Ministry

Onions are making a comeback many times to make people weep with tears of inflation. In a year, its price rose 35 percent to 21 to 29 percent. Potatoes and tomatoes are now a relief. Say potatoes and tomatoes are now wiping away tears of inflation. In this one year, the average retail price of potatoes has declined 24 percent from 31 to 21.

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