Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2020 Written Update Ragini’s murder truth

Ishq May Marjavan 19 October 2020 Wansh feels that the murder of a written renewal ragi is not true. He has many complaints at heart, but he looks forward to meeting Ridhima in Aradhi. Wansh tells Siyal that Ridhima is still discovering the truth when Ragini opposes him. He does not like Ridhima hunting for the truth of Ragini. Sia says that maybe Ridhima is as insecure as his wife because she loves him. Wansh says love brings trust in a person. Ridhima does not want any cheater to end their relationship. They want to change everything to start something new.

She prays for telling Vanash the whole truth. She decides to tell Vanessa her secrets. The nurse advises her not to cry and to not understand the wansh well. She wants Ridhima to be careful because Vansh loves her family so much. She says she must be Vancesh’s strongest defender. Thanks to Rhodima Dadi for proper advice. The nurse wants her dilemmas to end. Ridhima keeps Navratri fast for Vaanash, which makes their marriage a strong bond. Ridhima talks with Kabir who complains about Vansh.

Kabir incites her against Wansh. He asks her to help find evidence against Vanash. He threatens to end his life if he is suspended from work. Ridhima feels sorry for him. She refuses him. She believes Vansh is blameless. Kabir says Wansh is a deadly criminal and should not be defended.

She tells him that she trusted Vansh, she knows Vansh takes care of her life. She’s sure that Vansh will never kill anyone. She does not want any evidence on Kabir’s part. He asks her to bring proof of Vansh’s innocence if he is sure that Vanash didn’t kill Ragini. Ridhima tells him that I will find evidence in Wansh’s favor to end his suspicions. Wansh hopes she will never find any evidence again and shows little faith in him. He is tired of her spying habit. Ridhima is looking for evidence to prove her husband right.

She finally receives a video clip that provides evidence of Ragini’s murder. She finds Ragini begging someone for her life. Ridhima knows that Wansh is not a killer. She wants to know who the person in the video is. They get crucial information from the video. Wansh finds her spy once again, and she growls, still in her disbelief. Will Ridhima succeed in proving him innocent and making his name swatch clean? Will Kabir’s plot to separate Vansh and Riddhima fail? Keep reading.