Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 January 2021 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 January 2021 Written Update

At the beginning of the serial, Kabir chops up the watermelon and tries to confuse it. Ahana looks at Ridhima. She is upset when she sees Rodeema’s focus on Wansh. Kabir says that this is a golden opportunity for her to go to Ahana and teach Ridhima a lesson. Ahana tries to avoid him. He threatens to take her out of the house if she tries to ignore him. Ahana challenges Ridhima to fight a kite with her. Ridhima says she doesn’t want to ruin the festival. Ishani asks if she is afraid of losing her trust in Matrani.

Ridhima says no. Aryan says then accept the challenge. Riddhima is getting ready. She asks Angre if she can help him. Ishani tells him not to but he helps Ridhima. Ridhima then wins the contest but Ishani let her loose. Then Ahana wins and she asks Ridhima to leave the house. Ridhima is great. Kabir feels good about it. Because of this stupid contest, Ridhima Wansch asks if she wants to leave the VR house, the status of this contest determines her future. Wansh is silent.

Ridhima fought back and forth only for this house but this family and Vansh are not worthy, so they are leaving for the sake of competition but not for their self-esteem. Riddhima takes her stuff and walks away from the VR house. That’s when Sia arrived. Everyone is shocked to see her on her feet. Sia asks where Ridima is. Vansh is so happy today, his sister gets up. Riddhima says but she wants to talk to Riddhima please call her. She asks Ishani about Rashima. Ishani tells her to leave the house.

Ishani says that Sia knows nothing about Ridhima, she cheated on Wansh. Sia says that’s not true. She knows that Ridhima is here as a goo but then when she learns about Vanesha she falls for him. She tried to save him Ragini but Anupriya ruined everything. Vansh is repulsed. Sia asks Wansh to bring Riyadh back. Then Wansh runs towards Riddhima. When she took a taxi and asked her to leave the airport. Vansh comes to her. He remembers what Ridhima said. His eyes get wet. Wansh notices that Ridhima is leaving and he runs behind her and tells her to stop. Ridhima thinks this step is good for her. Vansh comes in front of a taxi. He asks Ridhima to listen first. Ridhima gets out of the taxi. Vansh apologizes to Ridhima. She says she doesn’t need to. She starts to leave but Vansh stops her. Wansh regrets not trusting Riddhima. He asks her to be with him. Wansh says that if she leaves him, he will die.

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