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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigns, gives reason to media

Tokyo: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe) announced on Friday (28 August 2020) that he is resigning from the post over health issues. Abe told the media that I have decided to step down from the post of Prime Minister. Abe said that he was suffering from recurrence of ulcerative colitis due to which he had to resign from the post as well as in his first term.

Abe told the media that he would have to undergo a new treatment for his health condition, for which he would have to undergo regular medical care. He said that there is not enough time to discharge his duties as Prime Minister. Abe announced that now I say with confidence that I am not able to fulfill the mandate of the people, I have decided that I should no longer hold the office of Prime Minister.

He is struggling with his chronic disease ulcerative colitis. Earlier in 2007, Shinzo Abe abruptly resigned as Prime Minister. Abe has been getting treatment for his illness ever since.

Abe will remain in office until his ruling Liberal Democratic Party is able to choose a successor. The AFP said the election is expected to be held between party MPs and members.

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