Jio’s Big Data, 3GB Data and Large Schemes that offer free calling benefits are available every day for less than Rs 10

If your data usage is high and you are looking for a good plan at an affordable price, this news may prove useful to you. Because today we have brought to you some special plans of Reliance Jio, with which you get 3GB of data every day. So if you are a Geo customer and are looking for a cheaper plan, you can get 3GB of data, free calling, 100 sms and a free subscription to the Jio platform by spending less than Rs 10 per day. So let us tell you about Reliance Jio plans with 3GB of daily data, which starts at Rs 349.

Jio’s Rs
First of all, let’s talk about Jio’s Rs 349 project which comes with 3GB of data every day. The validity of this project for Jio is 28 days. With this plan, customers will take advantage of a total of 84 GB of high-speed data. After the end of the received data every day, the speed drops to 64 kbps. The project also offers unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS every day. In addition, subscription to Geo Apps is also freely available.

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3499 Rs Geo project
Please tell us that Reliance Jio has recently introduced a new plan of Rs 3,499. The validity of this project for Jio is 365 days. In this project, 3GB of data is available every day. That is, users get a total of 1095GB of data per project. The cost of the scheme is Rs. In addition, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS are available daily with the recharge plan. The project offers free subscription to geo applications such as GeoTV, Geo Cinema, GeoNews, Geo Security and Geo Cloud

Rs 401 Geo Plan
Jio’s 401 Rs plan also offers 3GB of data every day. The validity of this project is 28 days. Apart from the 3GB of data available every day, 6GB of data is also available on the plan. This means that by spending Rs 401, customers can take advantage of a total of 90 GB of data. In this scheme, customers receive unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS daily. Apps like Disney + Hotstar VIP, Geo TV, Geo Cinema, Geo News and Geo Security are available for free subscription.

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Jio Rs 999 project
In a Jio project of Rs 999, 3GB of data is provided every day. The validity of this project is 84 days. With the plan, customers receive a total of 252 GB of data. With this, customers receive unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS every day on the project. Customers can subscribe to Geo Apps for free with this recharge plan.

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