Kamya Punjabi shocked Bigg Boss 14 over sacking of her top 3 contenders, Ali Goni

At the Bigg Boss 2021 Grand Finale, people are now waiting for the winner. This is because both competitors were eliminated from the Finale race. If Rakhi Sawant leaves the program with a price tag of Rs 14 lakh, Ali Goni will have to quit the show due to low votes. Now Rubina Dilak, Rahul Doctors, Nikki Tamboli are the top 3 members. Now all three are out to see the thorny clash. Meanwhile, Kamya Punjabi tweeted about Ali Goni’s departure.

Renowned TV actress Kamya Punjabi tweeted that she is a hero. Kamya Punjabi, in her tweet, said: ‘It was fun to see Ali Goni on the show. Always be happy like you, Ali. You are a hero to me. ‘

Since Ali Goni left the show, I can tell you that many of his fans have tweeted on Twitter. They are constantly telling the manufacturer that they have already corrected the display. Otherwise how could it be that Ali Goni is not in the top 3 and Nikki Tamboli is in the top 3 with Rahul and Rubina. Ali Goni was a little sad when he left home as Jasmine Bhasin came to win the show. Ali Goni’s special friend Jasmine Bhasin could not fulfill his dream but managed to win the heart of Salman Khan. Salman Khan gave Ali Goni a bracelet as a special gift on stage. Salman Khan himself wore this bracelet in the hands of Ali Goni.