Kanhaiya Kumar, who backed Disha Ravi and strongly supported the rioters, became a minister or prime minister

Environmental activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested in the toolkit case, has been defended by several opposition leaders. Kanhaiya Kumar, president of the JNU Alumni Association and CPI leader, is also supporting the directive. He clashed on Tuesday, saying Disha had made a mistake by supporting the farmers, saying that if he supported the rioters, he would become a minister or prime minister.

Kanhaiya Kumar said, “Disha Ravi has made a mistake by supporting the farmers. If the rioters are supported, it is probably the minister, the chief minister or the prime minister.

Disha has been arrested on charges of sharing a “toolkit” with Greta Thunberg in connection with farmers’ protest against the Center’s 3 new agricultural laws. Disha Ravi was the editor of the toolkit and was the main conspirator in the making and dissemination of documents, according to Delhi Police.

Ravi and others have “conspired with the pro-Khalistan group Poetic Justice Foundation (PFJ) to instigate dissent against India,” the police said. Several opposition parties, including the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party and the TMC, have defended the directors, alleging that the government is trying to suppress the voices raised in support of the farmers.