Kasganj: Devendra was an example of honesty for village boys, who used to say – ‘robber doesn’t wear uniform’

Sepoy Devendra, a victim of the liquor mafia’s adventure when he posted a notice in Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh, set an example of honesty for his village boys. It was often said that he was not wearing uniform. The victims wear uniforms to work. Devendra did not like the deployment where the recovery charges were. He was doing his job with full rigor and perseverance. The villagers said they were very simple and sociable.

Four youths from Nagla Bindu village in Dowki police station in Agra were booked together in 2015. Whenever holiday came, Devendra surrounded the village youth. He kept asking how they were prepared. Manish, Neeraj and Yashpal along with Devendra have been lodged with the police. All had been preparing together. Used to run with him in the morning. The villagers said that whenever Devendra came to the village, he would touch the feet of the elders. He had no pride in being in the police. He was telling young men not to wear uniforms to tie the knot. Soon after the news of Devendra’s martyrdom, there was mourning in the village. A large number of villagers gathered. Handled the soldier’s family. Father Kasganj left for the night with relatives. Everyone in the village was saying that it was too bad.

Mahaveer Singh, father of Devendra Jaswat, was a farmer. Devendra is the only son of his father. Love sister They got married in May. Villagers said the youth was a soldier in Kasganj in Shamsabad police station area. He is Devendra’s friend. He gave them information about the incident by telephone in the village. As soon as Devendra’s family became aware of the incident, there was confusion at home. In a hurry, relatives and some of the villagers took Mahaveer Singh and headed for Kasganj. The villagers informed that Devendra was married. They got married in 2016. The wife’s name is Chanchal. The wife is shocked by the news of her husband’s death. No one sees his condition. There are two daughters. The eldest daughter Vaishnavi is three years old. Only four months for the youngest daughter.


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