Kia K8 Premium Sedan Lift Curtain, First Image Revealed, Learn When New Car Will Be Released

South Korea’s leading automaker Kia is rapidly expanding its vehicle portfolio. Now Kia Corporation has unveiled the car by releasing photos of its new premium sedan, the Kia K8. This new sedan car reflects the company’s new design and the company’s new logo.

The company claims that the new Kia K8 sedan uses modern design and premium quality materials. In addition to giving this car a premium look, it has been made sporty. The company has introduced the car after the K7’s tremendous success. Let me tell you, the K7 is sold in some markets under the name of Cadenza.

Currently, the company has unveiled the new Kia K8, a production version of which can be released for sale in this equipment market. Last month, the company changed its corporate name and logo. Now the company is using its brand logo on this new sedan car that looks like a signature.

In terms of design, the new Kia K8 offers slick LED headlamp with tiger nose grille. The car’s side profile is also given a muscular look. The rear tail of the car has a boomerang shaped LED tail light. The car’s length is 5,015, and its design is inspired by the yacht.

Kia K8

Like the attractive exterior, the interior of the car is also very luxurious. The company says its cabin is decorated with high-quality materials that give it a premium look from inside the car. Currently, no information is shared on technical issues related to this car. The car will soon be introduced to the global market.

Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of Kia Global Design Center, told the media that the company wants to position itself in a new incarnation in the global market. Along with the company’s latest rebranding, the new Modern sedan is built with sophisticated technology and design, helping to further improve brand value.