Kitchen hacks: Use bread crumbs to enhance the taste of food, be it fried rice or samosa

Tips for using bread crumbs to enhance the taste of food: Whether it’s pakodas or sandwiches, the bread is left at home after the preparation. In such a situation, no one wants to eat pakodas or sandwiches again the next day to use leftover bread. If something happens to you, let us know the amazing baking habits that will tell you how to use leftover bread so that the taste of your every dish is doubled.

How to Make Breadcrumbs-
To make bread crumbs, first break the remaining bread into pieces and put it in a mixer. After this, put a tablespoon of butter in the skillet. When the butter is added to the skillet, heat the bread crumbs in the skillet and fry for a while. After this, cool the powder and store it in an air-tight container.

How to use bread crumbs
Very few people know that the use of bread crumbs doubles the taste of deep fried rice. When roasting spices for fried rice, add bread crumbs with it. By doing this, the taste of fried rice is enhanced in many ways.

Bread crumbs can also be used to make soup. Doing so will increase the flavor of the soup.

Before roasting aloo tikki, oats moong dal tikki, cabbage tuna, chana dal tikki etc, wrap them in bread crumbs, which are prepared in the evening. Fry them after that. Doing this makes the ticks crisp and delicious.

When baking a cake, decorate it with bread crumbs so that the cake looks appealing and tasty.

Bread crumbs can also be used to make chicken balls. Using it will make the balls crisp and delicious.

Before roasting the fish, if it is wrapped in bread crumbs, the fish will taste four times more. When preparing fish, remember that you should not use bread crumbs for its gravy only when fried.

You can also use bread crumbs to make samosa. For this, when cooking spices for samosas, cook the bread crumbs with it. Doing this will enhance the taste of the samosa.

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