Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Update, Written Update

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The Kumkum Bhagya 19 October 2020 episode begins with Tai Ji asking Mitali to dessert. Mitali asks her to do it. Tai Ji asks her to do it. She sees Ria come home and go to her room. Mitali and Tai Ji try to talk to her. That’s when Aaliya comes home. He tells Alia about Rhea. Aaliya found Riya’s phone on the floor and made unconscious calls.

She goes behind Rhea and tries to talk to her. Rhea closes the door and tells her to leave her alone. Tai Ji and Mitali come there and ask Aaliya to leave for a while. Mitali thinks to inform Abhi. Abhi comes home and calls everyone. He asks Daddy about sweets. Nanny asks Sweets. Abhi asks what happened?

Mitali says there is a bigger problem. Abhi asks what, why no one is saying clearly. Vikram says Ranbir has come. Pallavi and Beeji are happy. Pallavi says that Ranbir wants to talk to us about his marriage. Beiji says Ria should have told him. Vikram asks her not to say anything to Ranbir. Pallavi says they give him a shock instead. Ranbir comes home and says your king Beta…

Ranbir came to Kohli’s house. Pallavi asks her to do one thing. What does Ranbir ask? Beeji says there are clothes on the terrace and tells her to get it. Ranbir asks why are you sending me to the terrace. You said you would work, says Vikram. Pallavi asks him to repair his fan. Beezy asks him to fix his specs. Ranbir asks him to talk about his marriage. I was talking about the refrain and the side effects of my marriage, ”says Vikram. Ranbir says he is ready to get married and asks him to talk. Beezy says you won’t get married. Pallavi says she will not send him to his Sasural.

Ranbir says the girl is coming here. Beezy says the girl separates you from us. Ranbir says this will not happen. Vikram says the police will arrest him if he marries him. Ranbir has crossed the age of marriage and is asked to show his driving license .. refrain says no. Vikram says you haven’t got a beard yet. He asks to handle the office first. Pallavi says we will marry you in 5-6 years. Ranbir thinks that till then Prachi will marry and her children will call him Mama. They will go. Beeji tells Ranbir that she thought he loved Prachi. He goes out to tell him, when Aryan calls him and goes.

Aryan asks him to talk to Prachi and asks if she said yes to marry him. Ranbir says no and Shahna thinks to take help. Shahana tells Preechi that she is saying that she does not like Ranbir. Some girls say they do not write the test well, but they say that the exam is top notch. Prachi asks her, saying I like him. Sarita Behen comes and says that she should marry Shahana Ranbir.

Prachi makes a sad face. They tease her. Prachi and Sarita Behen go. Ranbir calls Shahana and tells him to do something. At the wedding, Shahana gave her shoes for Rs. Ranbir says he will give Rs. Shahana is delighted and says that you are so cute. Sarita Behen asks Pragya, Who is she calling? Says Pragya Riya. She says she feels like her daughter. Sarita Behen asks her to think about Prachi.

Shahana brings her to a restaurant decorated with parchment and it is empty. The manager asks them to wait. Prachi asks why the restaurant is empty. The manager closes the door. Prachi asks why we got here and he says they are locked up. She knocks on the door. Shahana calls the manager and says open the door, I won’t be locked inside. She goes outside while Prachi is still inside and the door is closed again. Ranbir plays guitar… If Subhan Allah is playing the song …….

Prachi walks towards him. Did she ask Shahana to bring me here? Ranbir says yes as my first proposal was incomplete. She says I brought flowers and cards for you, but your mummy came and our moment left unfinished, even though she agreed. He tells her to look at him yes and he’ll try again.

Rhea lights up the matchstick and says my life was because of you … Ranbir. Ranbir also lights the candle and says he does not want to see any other girl and he says I love you. He runs a little farther and gets on the chair, and can I ask… .I swear that if you refuse, I will die. Prachi has snatched everything from me, Riya tells me I will end it myself. She says that Dad and Buzi will convince you to marry, but you have chosen someone else. What do I do to stay alive?