Kumkum Bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Issue, Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Issue, Written Update

The episode begins after Riya sees her embracing Abhi Pragya for fear. She says she’s a protective and caring man. Abhi Pragya reminds her to watch crackers. Pragya asks him to keep her safe every Diwali. The FB ends. He says he fulfilled his promise and made her feel safe. Pragya says that Riya is looking at us. The nurse gets there. Rhea asks her to see her mother and father together. Pragya says their pair is due to them. The nanny asks to take his blessings and thank God.

Abhi and Pragya touch their feet. Abhi says let us go, he is waiting. They’re leaving. Not listening to Abhi Pragya? She asks if Ranbir is looking left and right and asks why she is stealing the sight. He asks her if her tea is sweet and she sees the ring in her hand. They say you should make me wear a ring. Prachi says that he has no gold ring and it must be expensive.

Ranbir asks if you are doing me a price tag. She says she doesn’t even have an artificial ring. They just need fingers to wear the ring, and I want to reach your heart and it doesn’t matter if the ring is made of paper. He tells them to be engaged, and if the world is against us, we will not leave each other. He says that while our love is unique, our ring is also unique. He takes the ring out of the medicine shaadi bottle and tells me to wear it, I love this ring. He says I will never leave this ring to separate from me, and always keep it with me.

Prachi feels passionate. Shahana looks at him happily. Sarita Behen comes there to take Sharina from there. It makes Shahana look at her secret engagement. Prachi Ranbir dresses it up. Ranbir says that Mangalam plays… I liked it. She says it looks good in my hand and she says that soon she will become Prachi Kohli… Prachi looks emotional and tears. Ranbir is about to hug her, but stops. The vase falls down with Shahana’s hand. They hide. Sarita Behen says Prachi makes us ashamed if we see her.

Abhi asks Pragya to come. Pragya says she will phone. She asks if she should take her mobile and tell Preechi. Prachi checks in and says there is no one here. Calling Pragya Pragya and asking where you are. Prachi says that he came home as Riya’s Buzi said you left there. She calls Pragya Riya and wishes her a happy Diwali. Prachi agrees. She thinks to tell Riya to talk to Preechi. Prachi feels that Riya has hired Sanju to kill her. She thinks of Ria as a wish. Rhea is in her room and thinks of Pragya’s words.

Abhi comes to Rea. Rhea wants me to confess and say that I know Preechi’s mother is my mother. He asks how? They show their pictures. He looks at the pictures and says Prachi. Ria says if you don’t see me, and just Prachi. Rhea asks if you have just seen Prachi and she says that she doesn’t like her much. He says after your separation from your mother and me. She asks why you separated from her. Abhi tells her it’s a sad story and he’ll tell her the other day.

Pragya says that he is a changed man since he came into his life. He tells her that if he loves Parichi more, he will bite her more. Rhea is happy and hugs him. Pragya comes in and hugs her. Ria hugged Pragya. Abhi says she is cheating. Rhea says I hug Mum today. Pragya asks Riya to talk to Prachi when she calls you and wishes her a happy Diwali. Abhi says you can call her too.

Rhea says okay and takes her phone. She asks that I call her in front of you. He walks out of the room, saying no. Prachi calls Riya and her number is busy. Ranbir asks why she is stressed. Prachi says she is not pressured by Riya and says that Ma has asked her to call Riya and wish her Diwali wishes. Ranbir asks why? He sees Pragya in the hospital and thinks she’s crying. Prachi asks what happened? She says she won’t judge him.

Ranbir says that if anyone tried to kill me, my mother would blow up on that person. He tells you why your mother loves Ria even though she knows Ria tried to kill you. He tells her that she was concerned about the chief when Ravana came down that day. I hope you share your love with your mother Rhea. Prachi asks his mother not to judge him and says the matter will disturb our relationship. Ranbir is watching.