Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update Episode

Riya Pragya told Ranbir that Pragya had raised her and gave her values, otherwise Ranbir would not have fallen for her. She does not answer his question. He still wants to know why he loves Pragya Riya so much. Due to network problems, Rhea and Prachi failed to communicate with each other. Abhi finds Pragya anxious about her daughters’ speech. He tells her that his daughters talk well.

She says she knows Ria’s relationship, and Preechi doesn’t know about it. He tells her that everything will be fine. He wants Pragya and Prachi to come home and be with Riya and him. They dream of happy times. Abhi gets into a romance mood and flirts with Pragya saying that she has a basic right to romance her wife. They say they’ll be together soon because that’s the purpose. She tells him that she always puts their kumkum fortune together. He wants her to be with him. Meanwhile, Vikram and Pallavi are passionate about Ranbir.

If their son is happy they will find happiness. She loves her son so much. He says he will never interfere between them. Vikram tells her to give him some time. She calls him Ranbir to complain about Vikram. Ranbir says he will take Vikram’s class. She asks him to come home. Ranbir does not reveal that he is with Prachi. [quads id=”9″]

He tells Prachi to go home. Prachi likes his relationship with Pallavi. He also likes her rapport with Pragya. He asks her to remember that they are now engaged. When Ranbir gives Riya all her time, Vikram asks Pallavi whether she feels insecure or not. There is no insecurity for the refrain. Prachi does not want to forgive Riya who tried to kill her and snatch Pragya. She calls Ria. Rhea answered her call. Prachi wants to make her wish. Mitali’s loud cry disconnects Rhea’s call. Mitali closes the door and asks her not to come down. Rhea worries for Pragya.

She asks Mitali if Pragya is fine. She worries that Alia has tried to kill Pragya. Abhi and Pragya find the family tense. They go to check. Rhea asks Alia what’s going on. Abhi wants to know if he is well. Aaliya reveals about the police coming. Riya asks Aaliya if she has harmed Pragya, Aaliya hates Pragya. Pragya’s presence calms Rhea. Raj and Alia say the police are coming home for a reason. Pragya wants to know the cause.

Aaliya does not want to open the door of consciousness. The police arrive to arrest Riya. She has filed an FIR against Alia Riya for attempted murder on Prachi, but she files a case under the name of Pragya, so Abhi and Riya hate Pragya as they put their trust. Abhi is shocked to learn that the police have come to arrest Riya. Rhea cannot believe that Pragya wants to arrest her. Abhi tells the Inspector that Riya and Prachi are sisters, Riya does not want to kill Prachi.

He wants the police to find Sanju. He learns of Riya’s crime by calling Sanju home to harm Prachi. He wants to deal with the police. The inspector warns her not to stop her duty. He says he will arrest anyone who comes between. Alia hype the drama. Rhea hides behind Alia to protect herself. Aaliya plans to make Pragya and Riya against Pragya with her evil plan. She testifies that Pragya had lodged a complaint and Abhi was found innocent.

Pragya says she can never arrest her daughter. Abhi is confused about her. He wants to save his daughter first. He gets into an altercation with the police. Alia insults Pragya. She accuses Pragya of breaking up the family.