Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Pragya asks her to stay away from the children

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Pragya asks her to stay away from the children

The serial begins with Prachi saying that she loves me and I love her because she made me this way. Pragya is trying to contact Pragya. Ranbir thinks that what she did to Riya Pragya was that she loved the man who was trying to kill her own daughter.

He thinks he should know what happened. Rhea thinks that all I have to do is wish for the Diwali. Abhi and Pragya are waiting for Prachi and Riya is going to be together and Abhi is excited that they are finally going to be together. Pragya asks her to stay away from the children at least.

Abhi says we are not because of them but because they are from us. However, we need to let kids know that this is more loving and sweet. Pragya rejoices and Abhi says that this is our destiny and our connection and we are always together. Pragya says it is called “Kumkum Bhagya”. You are in my destiny and I am in your destiny. They both rejoice and walk away.

Pallavi is worried because she does not see Ranveer in the room and she is worried about him. Harsh comes and tells her, I always thought you would live for Ranveer. You will be happy for him and mourn for him. Basically she lives for her own pleasure. Yes, Ranveer happiness is basically my priority, ”he says. She says I have no problem with his love and my blessing is with him. She tells her husband that I am with Ranveer and his happiness is my priority. She calls Ranveer and calls for a Diwali celebration.

Prachi then called Riya for Diwali but Riya could not attend due to the noise coming from outside the auditorium. Manoroma asks Riya to go and hide in the room but she thinks something must have been wrong with Alia Pragya and she worries about her. Rhea decided to come down and examine herself. On the other hand Prachi thinks Ria does not like her and she deliberately cuts off her call and Riya lies if she asks. She hopes that Ria’s life will never change.

Then, everyone is coming to see that they are shouting and acting like there is a big thing happening at home. Abhi and Pragya also come down and ask what happened. When Riya asks about Pragya and Pragya, Abhi asks Alia and the others why the main door is closing and Riya runs up to her and says that I am correct but what happened.

Our parking area guards were informed that the police were coming to our house, ”says Alia. He did not understand exactly what had happened that the police were getting there. Pragya asks but why are they coming and why are we serious about it? We are not wrong, so there is no sense of being afraid. The cops come and knock on the door and Pragna goes to open it. The police came in and asked who Riya Mehra was here. Pragya asks what you should do with Riya and she is scared.

Why did Abhi not understand why he wanted to arrest Riya? She said there was a complaint against her for attempted murder as she tried to kill Prachi. Abhi says Prachi too why my daughter and one sister try to kill another? The police say we are not your lawyers or your judges, so what you have to say, do it after arriving at the police station and be afraid.

Lady Constable comes in and says that we have a complaint by Pragya Mehra against Riya about the murder attempt on Purachi. Ria has left Kai behind Pragya. Alia blames her when the lady police show Abhi’s arrest warrant.

He tries to call the commissioner but he couldn’t take the call because he was on duty. Abhi tells the police not to stop doing our duty and takes Riya with them. Alia behaves badly with Pragya and blames her for doing so with Riya. Pragya says why am I complaining against my own daughter Abhi feels helpless and he screams in frustration when Riya is crying when the police call her.

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